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Responbile, quick, and high-quality blending and packaging solutions


Having completed various private label and white label contracts, Aminol aims further its operations in this sphere of business by working with OEMs and delivering significant volumes

Under contemporary economic conditions, efficiency in manufacturing and delivery make or break a lubricant brand. Swift, high-quality manufacturing coupled with a reliable partner can make all the difference. Through technological channels brands will transcend the physical capabilities of businesses and as the world will move towards more service-oriented business methods. Consequently, private labeling and white labeling will become a more cost-effective, more logistically efficient, and less risky way of manufacturing. 


Taking these developments into account, Aminol offers you the opportunity to take advantage of its expertise in the lubricant manufacturing sector. Our consumate professionals, and craftsmen are capable of designing solutions tailored to the needs expressed by your brand strategy. Our professional practices, proven by our certifications and approvals, ensure that quality concerns of the customers are met or exceeded. In the past, we have completed over 10 private label and white label contracts with both private and public entities. In the future, we aim to get more OEMs on board.


For more information on Aminol contact our headquarters:

Icheri Sheher, Vali Mammadov Street 3, Baku, AZ1000

Tel. +994 12 585 10 05

Fax +994 12 505 68 11​

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