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Service Fluids

We proudly present our broad product range manufactured in our brand new facility comissioned in 2020

Aminol manufactures service filling and wholesale designated service fluids

Efficient heat transfer and overall corrosion protection have always been the key criteria for Aminol engine coolants. This has been the case for years for combustion engines, but remains equally relevant in battery powered vehicles of the future. Markets demands change rapidly, and vehicle manufacturers are continuously looking for innovative products which are more effective at heat transfer, component compatibility and heat transfer.

The basic requirement of an engine coolant is to transfer heat from the internal combustion engine to the radiator, where the fluid is cooled by means of airflow. Furthermore, the coolant needs to provide year round protection against freezing and boiling. A large number of materials are used in the modern cooling system including steel, copper, aluminum, slder, cast iron, brass, plastics and various types of elastomers. Engine coolants must contain specific additives which prevent damage to all these materials. Aminol follows market trends and equipment manufacturers closely, and its coolants are suitable for a wide range of engines. To find out which coolant is right for your vehicle or equipment contact our headquarters or export office.

Aminol's product range covers all the different technologies: inhibitor packages that are fully organic, fully mineral or a combination of organic and inorganic inhibitors, all depending on the performance objectives and composition requirements of the customer. Our engine coolants are suitable for an extensive range of applications, such as passenger cars, heavy-duty trucks, construction equipment, buses, and stationary and marine engines. 

Our coolants are available as ready mix and concentrate. We offer a number of different packages including 1-1000 kg pakcaging and 1000 kg and above bulk options.

In addition to antifreeze, coolant and corrosion inhibitor Aminol manufactures and delivers: 

  • AdBlue - otherwise known as AUS32, a blend of carbamide and distilled water used to reduce NOx emissions in SCR catalyst diesel engines.

  • Windshield wiper fluid - heavy duty and commercial cleaner fluids prepared on specific formulas to suit customers requirments

  • Autoshampoo and industrial liquid soap

  • Diesel and petrol additives - cetane and octane boosters and engine cleaners

  • WD-40 - spray lubricants and cleaning liquids


For more information on Aminol contact our headquarters:

Icheri Sheher, Vali Mammadov Street 3, Baku, AZ1000

Tel. +994 12 585 10 05

Fax +994 12 505 68 11​

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