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Product range covers various customer demands in respect to quality and specifications

We have branded a number of products and established a market for these products at our origin and beyond


Maximum lubricant 1 liter


To stay ture to concept we have compartmentalised blended lubricants into the following branded products:

  • Maximum - manufacturing GOST standard lubricants suitable for classic vehicles and transporters.

  • Aminol - manufacturing lubricants on par or exceeding international standards at affordable rates. Designated for industrial application as well as combustion engine transporters.

  • Tomoil - manufacturing only fully synthetic and next-generation lubricants for state-of-the-art industrial applications, combustion, and electrical engine vehicles and transporters.

Lubricant distribution truck van


Aminol's expansion into new markets and the ratio of repeat customers is unparallelled in the region. Aminol has successfully established export operations in 15 countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. These markets require a balanced approach in production to meet consumer preferences. Our distribution network therefore acts as a reverse signal mechanism, which we use to collect data. We later utilise this data in all aspects of new product development.

Aminol barrel


Aminol manufactures an extensive line of products relating to industry and transportation. The company carries out a number of technical field tests and laboratory tests on its products to ensure exceptional quality, and develop new, more-advanced products. Aminol has the capacity to sell products in bulk, and relatively smaller packages, based on the customer's preference. Regardless of the build, material, power output, fuel used, temperature conditions, and extreaneous conditions, Aminol has the capacity to manufacture, enrich and deliver lubricants, and service fluids.

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For more information on Aminol contact our headquarters:

Icheri Sheher, Vali Mammadov Street 3, Baku, AZ1000

Tel. +994 12 585 10 05

Fax +994 12 505 68 11​

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